Hard Drive Failure: Causes & Solutions

Published: 26th February 2009
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These days, the hard drives are available in capacities like Terabytes (TBs where 1 TB = 1024 GB) and normal speeds go up from 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm for home users and from 10,000 rpm to 15,000 rpm for servers. The features like Perpendicular Recording, NCQ (Native Command Queuing), enhanced Fault Tolerance support further increase their performance. For complete peace of mind, such fast hard drives are required to be used with certain precautions like backup, frequent disk diagnostics, disk defragmentation and cooling mechanisms (highly recommended). If we don't implement these we may face data loss due to logical or physical issues related to the hard drive.

In such situations, efficient Data Recovery solutions can recover all data. Here are the major causes of hard drive failure:

• Operating system corruption: Operating system is the most important part of your computer that is used for providing a platform to install applications, create data files, manage and store it. When operating system fails, we cannot access our files and thus data loss can strike without any backup.

• Virus attack: Computer viruses are malicious programs that are created to damage or interfere with normal operations of your computer and even corrupt the files. The viruses attach themselves with files and make them unreadable, resulting into data loss.

• Mishandling: We need to be very careful while handling computer hardware for example storage devices like hard drive. Since storage media is generally transferable (like licensed installations over small LANs), it can be used on various systems. Over a certain period of time it causes file system errors (especially when used as external drives like with USB or Firewire connection). Another main issue can be due to drivers (not for the external drive) that can lead to data loss due to frequent driver changes as per the hardware.

• Human Errors: The human errors deal with the possibility of an operation done by mistake. Such operation may be file deletion, disk formatting without data backup, partition deletion etc. The lost data can be recovered by Data Recovery Software.

• Power Failure: Power issues might confront regular work in terms of power failure or outage. It can also damage hardware components like hard drives due to voltage related errors.

In any of these situations, our system and/or storage might get crashed either physically or logically. In these situations, you need to opt for Hard Drive Recovery solutions to get your lost data back.

Hard Drive Recovery solutions vary according to the type and cause of failure. If you are experiencing logical data loss, you need to go for Data Recovery software to scan your hard drive, locate the lost data and then extract it.

On the other hand, physical Data Recovery is totally different from the logical one. It needs sophisticated tools and techniques to ensure perfect results. It is carried out under the supervision of Hard Drive Recovery experts in sterilized and safe environment of Clean Rooms.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the ultimate Data Recovery company for logical and physical recovery. It provides complete and safe Hard Drive Recovery. Stellar's quality Data Recovery software can be used for operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, BSD and Novell Netware. This software is capable of recovering complete data in almost all logical crash scenarios.

To avail Hard Drive Recovery solutions in case of physical crashes we need to send our hard drive to Stellar for Data Recovery service. The personalized Data Recovery service of Stellar is delivered by highly qualified and experienced Data Recovery professionals through Class 100 Clean Rooms.

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